Episode 5: The Panic Attack

Panic Attack Aversion In this stressful period in history, we tend to look back and yearn for that simpler time when smart phones, internet and global info-tainment didn’t exist. Although millennials can’t fathom what I’m on about, everyone over the … Read More

Yoga Class Plans 1 & 2

Headstand Preparation and cycle

Lotus Pose (Padmasana) Preparation

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (a quick overview)

Here is the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series in its entirety. Enjoy and Be Well. Alex

Yet another reason why Butter is better than Margarine

Here is another reason why butter is better than margarine. Even for unorthodox uses! Enjoy.

Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing

Ujjayi Pranayama breathing is a type of breathing exercise that helps to expand lung capacity, relax the nervous system (which lowers blood pressure) and rids the lungs of stubborn, difficult to expectorate phlegm.  This little video will help to illustrate … Read More

Pranayama Mama!

Have you ever been so busy that you couldn’t even catch your breath?  We all have at one time or another and the reason for it is that we all tend to chronically chest-breathe.  Chest breathing is usually something that … Read More

Do yoga, get bent

If I had a nickel for every time I have heard the following phrase, I’d be a nickel millionaire: “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”.  It is also a rather ironic statement since we do yoga in order to … Read More

The Green Side of Medicine

Medicine can be green. Drugs tend to pollute not only our bodies but also the environment when they are excreted as well as during their production process. Yet, green eco-friendly options do exist. … Read More