The Wits of Vits

Vitamin C was at the bar having a craft beer when B1 and B3 walked over and joined him. ‘You know, you shouldn’t be indulging without us,’ they said. ‘Yeah, I know guys, but I’m just here waiting for my … Read More

Good Carb/ Bad Carb

A bunch of different Carbs were having a chat around the table and bragging about their nutritional content to each other. Broccoli said “Hey Everyone, just check out my florets!”, “Not only am I cool in nature, but I also … Read More

That’s Nuts!

A few nuts are sitting around the roaster shooting the breeze.  The cashew says to the walnut: “Damn you’re ugly!”  To which the walnut responds: “Go get bent! I’m way more nutritious than you”.  “In fact Chinese medicine has used … Read More

The Green Side of Medicine

Medicine can be green. Drugs tend to pollute not only our bodies but also the environment when they are excreted as well as during their production process. Yet, green eco-friendly options do exist. … Read More

Catching the H1N1 Hype

We have all seen or heard one of the commercials or news bulletins warning us of the H1N1 influenza virus that is out there this year and made to feel fearful of the consequences of contracting it. Washing hands frequently, … Read More