Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (S3E12)

When someone claims to have great dexterity in something, you often hear them say “It’s all in the wrist”.  However, as far as carpal tunnel syndrome goes, there is a bit more to it than that.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is … Read More

Carnitine (S3E4)

A place for everything and everything has its place.  This is how I would sum up nutrition in a nutshell.  A big piece of our metabolic need comes from the molecule known as carnitine.  L-Carnitine plays a large role in … Read More

Schizophrenia aka Metabolic Dysperception (S3E1)

The term Schizophrenia was coined in 1908 by Dr. Eugen Bleuler, and comes from a combination of the Latin words “skhizein” (to split), and “phren” denoting mind. However, due to the stigma that this word carries, I like to refer … Read More

Depression (S2E17)

One of the most prevalent conditions that people seek medical attention for world-wide, is depression. Although a lot of conventional allopathic medicine relies on anti-depressant medications such as the selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclics, … Read More

Frankincense has good sense (S2E13)

From before biblical times, Frankincense has been used in many forms of medicine, Chinese medicine notwithstanding. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), it is known as Ru Xiang, which translates as Fragrant Milk, and is used to invigorate the blood. … Read More

Niacinamide the less bashful brother of vitamin B3(S2E10)

Vitamin B3 comes in two forms: Niacin and its amide form Niacinamide. While we have already covered Niacin in Episode 35 of season 1, Niacinamide also deserves its own episode as it has substantial benefits for health and mental wellness. … Read More

Episode 36: Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also known as Pyridoxine is the B vitamin that is increasingly becoming more important in nutrition, due to the ever-increasing build-up of hydrazine and hydrazide chemicals in our environment. These compounds find use in aviation fuels, anti-toxicants in … Read More

Episode 26: Vitamin A eh?

Vitamin A, also called Retinol, plays key roles in maintaining healthy vision, skin, immunity and reproduction. Some of the signs that Vitamin A is deficient are poor night vision, follicular hyperkeratosis (bumpy chicken skin) on the upper arms and brittle, … Read More

Episode 4: Vitamin C Optimal Dosing

Taking your Vitamin C is perhaps one of the best ways to stay young. Yes, I’ll repeat that, “Stay young”. Most people, regrettably, don’t understand how to take it optimally. The maximum amount of ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C … Read More

Episode 1: 2 Minute Health Intervention (Vitamins)

Taking your daily Multi-vitamin is a great health intervention that is low cost and prevents minor imbalances from becoming larger ones. The best multi vits tend to be capsules and contain powdered nutrients that are best taken after food as … Read More