Episode 6: Probiotics & Gut Health

Probiotics and Gut Health Gut health and probiotics are now all the rage in Medicine in the popular media these days and for good reason. Most animals, including us, are not merely single organisms, but multi-cellular collections of them. We … Read More

Making Miso Soup

Miso soup is a very nutritional and easy to make soup that can be consumed daily as part of your health regimen.  The following video will show you how its done.  The ingredients can be bought at the following locations: … Read More

Carcinogenesis and why drugs “Haven’t Got the Guts”

Hippocrates was prophetic when he made the statement that “All disease begins in the gut”. Cancer causing agents in food such as food dyes, aflatoxins (think nuts), pesticide residues, heavy metals, nitrites and artificial sweeteners, as well as non-food sources … Read More