preventative medicine

Pranayama Mama (S4E7)

Have you ever been so busy that you couldn’t even catch your breath?  We all have at one time or another and the reason for it is that we all tend to chronically chest-breathe.  Chest breathing is usually something that … Read More

Asian Porridge Extraordinaire (S3E9)

We’ve all read or heard of the “chicken soup for the soul” book series, and most of us know that chicken soup is reputed to be good for you when you are sick, but many in the west have yet … Read More

The Wisdom of Traditional Diets (S3E8)

Westin A. Price was a dentist in the 1930s, who performed, perhaps, one of the most extensive and important nutritional studies ever undertaken in human history.  Although this study’s primary purpose was to determine why dental caries (cavities) occurred, it’s … Read More

Shingles (S3E6)

When putting a new roof on a house, it is important to choose a good contractor that will do a thorough job, so that the roof will last a long time.  Just replacing old shingles without paying attention to the … Read More

Cannabis Safe Use (S3E5)

Now that we live in a country where recreational cannabis is about to be legalized, a bit of education around safety and harm reduction wouldn’t be amiss.  While the “gateway-drug” theory that one drug will make you want to go … Read More

Frankincense has good sense (S2E13)

From before biblical times, Frankincense has been used in many forms of medicine, Chinese medicine notwithstanding. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), it is known as Ru Xiang, which translates as Fragrant Milk, and is used to invigorate the blood. … Read More

Episode 45: Balanced Electrolyte Salt

One common refrain that is heard around the world in many doctor’s offices, often said with the best of intentions is “lower your sodium to keep your blood pressure down”. While it is true that excess sodium causes an increase … Read More

Episode 15: Wax in, Wax out

We all experience wax build up in our ear canals at some point. Ear wax, or cerumin as its known in medicine, is the waxy substance that is secreted by the ear canal in just about everyone, and is a … Read More

Honey and it’s Relatives

One of the most useful creatures to medicine and agriculture is the honeybee. honeybees are responsible for pollenating crops and plants, and producing honey, wax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. Some of the health properties of bee products read like … Read More

Episode 8: Magnificent Magnesium

If you were to take the number of conditions that magnesium deficiency is partially responsible for, and list them in 10pt typeface end to end without any spaces, the length of the sentence would be about 2.2 meters. Yes, occasionally, … Read More