Why Fluoridation Shouldn’t Be Swallowed

I have been against Fluoridation and Fluoride treatments for some years now and am part of the list of professionals that condemns it as an unsafe practice. For all the science on it go to: fluoridealert.org or read Dr. Paul … Read More

Ode to Modern Dentistry

Into a mouth with a pick then a wince, From mistake you just made will you then utter “rinse” Always a “Hmm” and a “Haa” as the boss You’ll ask us again “are you sure that you floss?” On TV … Read More

The Toxic Waste Dump Called Home Sewage

I hate ruining a party, especially one that I am also enjoying.  However, that is what I am doing right now by writing this week’s blog.  Most of us abhor all of the environmental pollution that occurs in industry and … Read More

Fluoride and its follies

The ultimate test of whether or not a substance is beneficial to society is to find out who stands to profit from its use. In the case of water fluoridation, a bigger picture must first be drawn in order to … Read More