What Isn’t Sweet About Fructose

One of the biggest baddest impediments to weight loss is fructose consumption.  The following excellent lecture spells it out beautifully, both scientifically and in layman’s terms.  Although it is 1.5 hours long, it is well worth watching: For those who … Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar: Not all sourpusses are also bitter

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a folk remedy and Chinese medicinal for thousands of years.  Hippocrates (460-377BC) used it to help fight infections and the ancient Chinese used it both as a medicinal food, and as a preparatory … Read More

Medical Iodophobia and the Ridiculous Daily Amount

Iodine was first discovered in 1811 by Bernard Courtois (a saltpeter manufacturer in France), by adding sulfuric acid to charred seaweed. The purple gas that was liberated condensed into crystals and was dubbed “iode” from the Greek word “iodes”, meaning … Read More

Hi Carb, low carb, to starve or not to starve

Haiku: Low carb or too high, Special K ain’t so special When diabetic. So which is better? An Atkins like ketogenic diet or the high carbohydrate, low fat type Weight Watchers/ Jenny Craig/ Nutrisystem one. Before answering this, take a … Read More

What’s in a Soda?

Might as well go for a soda was the title of the popular Kim Mitchel song back in the 80s, much to the delight of the commercial soft drink industry. When one samples a couple of lines of the chorus, … Read More