Dyspareunia or painful intercourse (S4E4)

Dyspareunia or painful intercourse is a condition that can be devastating to many couples.  There are a variety of different causes of dyspareunia with some of the most common ones including vulvodynia (or pain of the vulva), postpartum dyspareunia, endometriosis, … Read More

Episode 30: The Bind of Constipation

Constipation is defined as having infrequent bowel movements, to the tune of less than 3 per week. Sensations of incomplete evacuation as well as hard, difficult to pass stools, are also experienced. In the absence of structural abnormalities of the … Read More

Episode 8: Magnificent Magnesium

If you were to take the number of conditions that magnesium deficiency is partially responsible for, and list them in 10pt typeface end to end without any spaces, the length of the sentence would be about 2.2 meters. Yes, occasionally, … Read More