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Zen Salt

What Isn’t Sweet About Fructose

One of the biggest baddest impediments to weight loss is fructose consumption.  The following excellent lecture spells it out beautifully, both scientifically and in layman’s terms.  Although it is 1.5 hours long, it is well worth watching: For those who … Read More

Margarine Science Experiment

The Real Skinny on Margarine

When I was a kid in grade school I used to love science experiments. I would imagine myself as the mad scientist concocting various chemicals in a foaming beaker and uttering the “mooohahaha!” laugh I’d seen on TV so many … Read More

Hi Carb, low carb, to starve or not to starve

Haiku: Low carb or too high, Special K ain’t so special When diabetic. So which is better? An Atkins like ketogenic diet or the high carbohydrate, low fat type Weight Watchers/ Jenny Craig/ Nutrisystem one. Before answering this, take a … Read More

Cholesterol Control something something…

Don’t you just hate it when you forget things? You are having a conversation and right in the middle of it, you forget what you were talking about. Does that scenario sound familiar? Have you been taking a statin drug … Read More

How fat can save your bacon

Creating propaganda has never been the most noble of pursuits, and now it has descended to a level that is beneath my contempt. Recently, a margarine producer (I won’t name names) has begun a campaign targeting one’s heart and how … Read More