The Sour Taste in TCM

Interval Walking for Weight Loss

The Sweet Taste in TCM

Why Fluoridation Shouldn’t Be Swallowed

I have been against Fluoridation and Fluoride treatments for some years now and am part of the list of professionals that condemns it as an unsafe practice. For all the science on it go to: or read Dr. Paul … Read More

Acupuncture’s Benefits

Bitter Taste in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Headstand Preparation and cycle

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (a quick overview)

Here is the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series in its entirety. Enjoy and Be Well. Alex

Food For Thought (Pun Intended)

Greetings everyone, Here is a great semi-layman’s lecture about how and why psychotropic (hallucinatory) drugs work on the human brain. Enjoy and Be Well Alex.

Margarine Science Experiment