gut health

Episode 41: Organic Veggies

Organic soil is a mirror of what our gut health should be. Soil is made up of many different organisms (both living and diseased), decaying plant matter, trace elements and other macromolecules and amino acids. We can draw a direct … Read More

Episode 6: Probiotics & Gut Health

Probiotics and Gut Health Gut health and probiotics are now all the rage in Medicine in the popular media these days and for good reason. Most animals, including us, are not merely single organisms, but multi-cellular collections of them. We … Read More

Orthodoxy, Science & Religion

Science was at the library studying about vaccines one day when Orthodoxy sat down beside him and started up a conversation. ‘You know, many people believe what I have to say about most things’, ‘What are you reading about?’ he … Read More