Episode 41: Organic Veggies

Organic soil is a mirror of what our gut health should be. Soil is made up of many different organisms (both living and diseased), decaying plant matter, trace elements and other macromolecules and amino acids. We can draw a direct … Read More

Don’t let them tell you “It’s none of your Beeswax!”

One of the most useful creatures to medicine and agriculture is the honeybee. honeybees are responsible for pollenating crops and plants, and producing honey, wax, pollen, propolis and royal jelly. In recent years the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder has … Read More

The Real Skinny on Margarine

When I was a kid in grade school I used to love science experiments. I would imagine myself as the mad scientist concocting various chemicals in a foaming beaker and uttering the “mooohahaha!” laugh I’d seen on TV so many … Read More

The Ode to Big M.

To the crème de la crème In a Posilac vein Do you grace our fair world With a milk colored stain In war you’re our friend To a 2,4,5 – T With an agent of orange For mommy and me … Read More

Ode to GMO

When food comes to mind, In an unnourished vein, A soybean abounds with, Round up ready stain, A cow will get hungry, And ask every morn, For a diet of grass, Yet we feed it corn, But natural it’s not, … Read More