Episode 20: Flu Prevention

The flu is a seasonal viral infection whose complications cause many deaths every year, worldwide. The people who mostly succumb to the flu are the very young, the elderly and the immune-compromised or those suffering from chronic illnesses. The causes … Read More

Episode 18: Ew, Fomites!

Fomite is a word you may or may not have heard before, that is used to refer to daily objects that are responsible for the transmission of infectious diseases like colds and flus. The most common, and least thought about … Read More

Aaaah! Soap!

A few germs were waiting at the doorknob for their ride to work and started talking just to pass the time. “So what sort of work do you do Chlamy” asked Rhinovirus. “Well, I tend to like infecting the conjunctiva of the eyes, then, if I’m lucky, cause blindness” responded Chlamydia Trachomatis. … Read More