Chromium sans Brockovich (S2E11)

In the popular movie Erin Brockovich, we get to hear about the toxic effects of the hexavalent form of chromium (aka Cr6+). However, in its trivalent oxidation state (Cr3+) as Chromium picolinate is a very useful mineral supplement, which is … Read More

Niacinamide the less bashful brother of vitamin B3(S2E10)

Vitamin B3 comes in two forms: Niacin and its amide form Niacinamide. While we have already covered Niacin in Episode 35 of season 1, Niacinamide also deserves its own episode as it has substantial benefits for health and mental wellness. … Read More

Episode 48: Dietary Fiber

Today’s food environment is saturated with highly processed, high glycemic, low fiber foods. At the time that these foods were invented, it was mistakenly assumed that saturated fats (or any fats for that matter) were bad and caused heart disease. … Read More

Episode 2: Insulin & Cortisol

  Reduce your daily sugar consumption by half. The reason for this little intervention stems from the effects that sugar has on your endocrine system. When you eat anything with added sugar in it, you will cause your insulin and … Read More

Bitter Taste in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Hi Carb, low carb, to starve or not to starve

Haiku: Low carb or too high, Special K ain’t so special When diabetic. So which is better? An Atkins like ketogenic diet or the high carbohydrate, low fat type Weight Watchers/ Jenny Craig/ Nutrisystem one. Before answering this, take a … Read More

What’s in a Soda?

Might as well go for a soda was the title of the popular Kim Mitchel song back in the 80s, much to the delight of the commercial soft drink industry. When one samples a couple of lines of the chorus, … Read More

Not all sugars are created equally

Sugars come in many shapes and sizes from a molecular standpoint.  In traditional diets, the main sources are from fruits and vegetables.  In processed diets such as the SAD or Standard American Diet (pun intended), sugars are either added to … Read More