Depression (S2E17)

One of the most prevalent conditions that people seek medical attention for world-wide, is depression. Although a lot of conventional allopathic medicine relies on anti-depressant medications such as the selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclics, … Read More

Chromium sans Brockovich (S2E11)

In the popular movie Erin Brockovich, we get to hear about the toxic effects of the hexavalent form of chromium (aka Cr6+). However, in its trivalent oxidation state (Cr3+) as Chromium picolinate is a very useful mineral supplement, which is … Read More

Is laughter the best medicine?

Enjoy everyone. Be Well. Dr. Audette

Why Health Officials are Myopic to Vitamin D

I am a big fan of the weather channel, mainly because I am Canadian.  Our national pastime has always been to commiserate about how much the weather bites.  Yet the one thing that detracts from my enjoyment of all weather … Read More

Eat liver, prevent anemia and depression

Sometimes old school really is the best school.  Although you may not remember, your mother probably will about eating liver once a week as a child “because its good for you”.  She will probably also remember that she either loved … Read More