The Sour Taste in TCM

The Sweet Taste in TCM

Acupuncture’s Benefits

Herbs; Its all a matter of Taste

So if you think that Buckley’s cough mixture tastes bad, I’ll participate in a little one-upmanship and tell you about Chinese Herbs.  But before we go there, I will explain why taste is all-important.  Chinese medicine classifies herbs in a … Read More

Eating Healthy the Scrooge Way

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a patient tell me that “I can’t afford to eat healthy”, I would be as rich as Scrooge. The sad thing about this is that everyone can afford to … Read More

Honey: Not just a Sweetener or a Pet Name

Although it can be used either as a pet name or food, Honey and products from the hive have been used in medicine since before Christ and is mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s (23AD – 79AD) Naturalis Historius as a … Read More

The Toxic Waste Dump Called Home Sewage

I hate ruining a party, especially one that I am also enjoying.  However, that is what I am doing right now by writing this week’s blog.  Most of us abhor all of the environmental pollution that occurs in industry and … Read More

Oxytocin and the Female Deer Exercise

The hormone oxytocin is perhaps best known for its role in female reproduction and is secreted by the pituitary gland during mechanical stimulation of the nipples and genital area during labor, breast-feeding and sexual activity.  It produces muscle contractions associated … Read More

Do yoga, get bent

If I had a nickel for every time I have heard the following phrase, I’d be a nickel millionaire: “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”.  It is also a rather ironic statement since we do yoga in order to … Read More

The Green Side of Medicine

Medicine can be green. Drugs tend to pollute not only our bodies but also the environment when they are excreted as well as during their production process. Yet, green eco-friendly options do exist. … Read More