Interval Walking for Weight Loss

Why Fluoridation Shouldn’t Be Swallowed

I have been against Fluoridation and Fluoride treatments for some years now and am part of the list of professionals that condemns it as an unsafe practice. For all the science on it go to: or read Dr. Paul … Read More

Bitter Taste in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Is laughter the best medicine?

Enjoy everyone. Be Well. Dr. Audette

How to use a Neti Pot

Greetings Everyone, Here is a simple little step by step video on how to use the neti pot. Enjoy and Be Well. Dr. Audette

Yet another reason why Butter is better than Margarine

Here is another reason why butter is better than margarine. Even for unorthodox uses! Enjoy.

Ujjayi Pranayama Breathing

Ujjayi Pranayama breathing is a type of breathing exercise that helps to expand lung capacity, relax the nervous system (which lowers blood pressure) and rids the lungs of stubborn, difficult to expectorate phlegm.  This little video will help to illustrate … Read More

Breaking up with Sugar

Damn baby! You still look’in mighty fine!  I never knew that you were so talented!  Not only does your industry make a killer profit (both literally and figuratively), but you are insanely addictive too.  I sure know that I felt … Read More

That’s Nuts!

A few nuts are sitting around the roaster shooting the breeze.  The cashew says to the walnut: “Damn you’re ugly!”  To which the walnut responds: “Go get bent! I’m way more nutritious than you”.  “In fact Chinese medicine has used … Read More

Herbs; Its all a matter of Taste

So if you think that Buckley’s cough mixture tastes bad, I’ll participate in a little one-upmanship and tell you about Chinese Herbs.  But before we go there, I will explain why taste is all-important.  Chinese medicine classifies herbs in a … Read More