Cars and Cortisol

In today’s alternative health setting, we are seeing a lot of chronic diseases and inflammatory disorders that have substantial roots in adrenal fatigue.  There are many causes of adrenal fatigue, but stress is at the top of the ladder.  In … Read More

The Toxic Waste Dump Called Home Sewage

I hate ruining a party, especially one that I am also enjoying.  However, that is what I am doing right now by writing this week’s blog.  Most of us abhor all of the environmental pollution that occurs in industry and … Read More

The Point of Prophylactic Acupuncture

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take an aspirin and make all of its anti-inflammatory properties go to one specific location (i.e.: your shoulder), but suffer none of the side effects such as stomach upset? Well it turns out … Read More

The Green Side of Medicine

Medicine can be green. Drugs tend to pollute not only our bodies but also the environment when they are excreted as well as during their production process. Yet, green eco-friendly options do exist. … Read More

A balanced approach to cancer treatment

When one thinks of how cancer is treated, the modalities that invariably come to mind are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Although each of these has its place, they are far from a complete and holistic approach to treating cancer. One … Read More