Info For Patients

What you can expect:

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (Herbs, Massage) treatment is applicable to a vast variety of health disorders due to its ability to reduce inflammation in a site-specific manner. Every disease state has a certain amount of inflammation as part of its pathology. Long-standing disorders (Cancer, autoimmune disorders, fertility, etc.) generally take a longer time to treat, whereas acute non-life threatening conditions (such as soft tissue injuries, headaches, etc.) are quicker to resolve. Most conditions, whether acute or chronic will respond within 5 treatments.

Most patients notice a period of relief of symptoms after treatment. Based on the length of this relief period, we determine what treatment schedules will be required. Occasionally, conditions will get temporarily worse before they improve. This is a period where the body adjusts to the effect of treatment. The relief period tends to be cumulative as treatment progresses. It is important that treatment is initially at regular intervals in order to maximize the response. If after 5 treatments, there are no results, acupuncture is generally not the ideal form of treatment, and other options such as Chinese Herbs or Shiatsu massage may be more appropriate.

What is expected of you as a patient:

In order to ensure that you receive the best care possible you will need to:

  • Give treatment a chance to work.
  • Do your best to follow the advice that the practitioner gives to you.
  • If you are unable to follow the suggestions given, to inform the practitioner so that alternatives can be explored.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment to do so 24hrs in advance so that it doesn’t inconvenience other patients.