Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has over two millennium of experience in providing solutions to chronic health problems. This form of Asian Medicine is the oldest and second largest medical system in the world today, and currently is used by 25% of the world’s population in over 90 different countries. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five causes of all illness and imbalance in the human body are improper diet, emotions, lifestyle, external environment and constitution (i.e. genetics).

TCM is a non-invasive healing modality that facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by restoring harmony and balance to the entire individual. This time-tested professional medicine treats and assesses each person as a unique individual, therefore, treating the cause of the disease instead of just the symptoms.

TCM Treatment Methods

1.    Chinese Herbal Medicine;
2.    Acupuncture; 
3.    Tuina (massage);
4.    Dietary Therapy;

12 Chronic Health Problems that TCM Treats Effectively

1.    Asthma
2.    Premenstrual Syndrome/Painful Periods
3.    Acne/Rosacea
4.    Irritable Bowel Syndrome
5.    Anxiety/Depression
7.    Migraines/Headaches
8.    Insomnia
9.    Allergic rhinitis/Sinusitis
10.   Pain
11.   Acid Regurgitation/Reflux
12.   Psoriasis and Eczema

The diseases listed above are just some examples of how Chinese Medicine can offer substantial clinical benefits to patients who have been unresponsive to other forms of treatment. The TCM treatment of these diseases should have no side-effects, and are often curative, not palliative, as they aim to eliminate the pathology of the disease instead of controlling or suppressing the symptoms. In most chronic diseases, modern medicine can at best, only offer temporary symptomatic relief using various medications. Unfortunately, modern treatments also offer possible side-effects, either repeated or long-term.

Don’t settle for that! 

Any long-term treatments must be:
•    Effective and provide relief of symptoms;
•    Safe, with few unwanted side effects;
•    Easy to use.

TCM fulfills the above criteria. Patients who are unwell are delighted when they see how quickly they benefit from this practical, logical and time-tested medicine. TCM is user-friendly, gentle and free from side-effects, making it an excellent option and a wise decision to treat your chronic health problem. 

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