Pain & Trauma Liniment (S3E11)

Zhen Gu Shui LinimentChinese medicine has many different interventions that are beneficial for pain and swelling. One in particular that most of us practitioners use is a topical liniment known as Zhen Gu Shui (正骨水 ), which literally translates as “Rectify bone liquid”.  It was created to help heal fractures, sprains and contusions, or even sore muscles.  When we suffer from one of these conditions, swelling, bruising and or redness are usually the result. 

These symptoms are described by Chinese medicine as qi and blood stasis, and are usually treated by acupuncture, topical herb application and bone setting where appropriate.  Zhen Gu Shui is usually applied several times a day by dampened cotton ball in the case of sprains and soft tissue injury, and soaked gauze that is left in place for 1 to 2 hours per day in the case of an uncomplicated bone fracture that has already been set. 

However, it is not appropriate for open wounds or around the eyes and is for external use only and can’t be used during pregnancy. For most sports injuries, practitioners will apply it topically after an acupuncture or massage session.

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