Frankincense has good sense (S2E13)

From before biblical times, Frankincense has been used in many forms of medicine, Chinese medicine notwithstanding. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM), it is known as Ru Xiang, which translates as Fragrant Milk, and is used to invigorate the blood. Metaphorically speaking, when blood stagnates, it causes pain. This is a rather apt description, as in western medical lingo, it is one of the natural COX-2 inhibitors that function as pain killers (aspirin being another). However, COX-2 inhibitors have more uses than just pain. As far as frankincense goes, those uses also include topical application to heal ulcers, gingivitis and traumatic injury.

Frankincense as well as the other COX-2 inhibitors can also be used as co-administrative agents with Niacin to prevent the flushing sensation that it causes and with medical cannabis to help prevent short-term memory impairment.


For it’s topical applications both internally and externally, mix ¼ tsp with some honey to apply to open and closed sores. For its anti-flushing function, when co-administered with niacin, ¼ tsp of powdered extract is added to 100mg of niacin. Greater amounts would be used for larger niacin dosages. Finally, for medical cannabis administration, ¼ tsp would be a starting point taken before use, then see how your short term memory fares before adding more.


Tune in next episode when we’ll talk about the follies of Fluoride.


Be Well and Be Zen

Alex Audette TCMP, R.Ac.



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