Episode 12: The Magic of Mustard

When I say mustard, you probably immediately think of hot dogs and hamburgers. However, mustard has far more uses than as a mere condiment for fast food. In fact, mustard has been used in herbal medicine in India, China and ancient Greece for over 3000 years.

In addition to mustard seeds, most prepared mustards also contain vinegar, salt, turmeric, paprika and garlic powder, which, are also great medicinal substances in their own right. Some of the additional uses of mustard include:

as a soak or bath

topically as a rub or poultice

and as a gargle.

So what are the 2 min interventions you ask?

For arthritis, and tired muscles, simply either rub some mustard into the effected area, or add 6 tablespoons to a bath along with 2 cups of Epsom salts then have a soak.

For a cold, rub the mustard onto your chest, or make a poultice with it to apply to your chest, then leave it on or in place for approximately 20 min.

For a sore throat, mix 2 tbsp of mustard, juice from ½ a lemon, 1 tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of honey and one and a half cups of hot water. Stir, let cool, then gargle.

Stay tuned next week when we’ll talk about oral hygiene.


Be Well and Be Zen

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