Episode 9: The Neti Pot

You’ve probably heard Dr. Oz and Oprah sing the praises of a little device known as the Neti-Pot that is used to wash out the nasal cavities during allergy attacks as well as during sinus infections. The neti-pot is one of the cleansing techniques from Ayurvedic medicine (Traditional medicine from India). Recently it has found renewed application for both stubborn sinus infections, and to help lessen the misery one experiences during allergic sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses). Although it is recommended to add salt to the water in the pot, there are a few other things that will make it even better. Firstly, use the neti-pot in the morning, and in the afternoon if necessary, but not in the evening. Sinuses can take a couple of hours to fully dry out. If they don’t and you sleep, some of that water will stay in the sinus cavities and could potentially make the infection worse. What you add to the pot as well as the amounts of such are also important. The ideal proportions would be:

-250ml of luke-warm distilled, reverse osmosis or spring water (tap water has too much irritating chlorine)

-1/4 tsp coarse pickling salt or pre-made buffered salt

To make the neti solution less drying on the sinuses (as salt can dry out the nasal mucosa), one could also add 1 tsp of pharmaceutical grade glycerin.

To enhance the anti-inflammatory properties, add 1000mg of MSM powder or crystals (methyl sulfonyl methane).

To strengthen the antibacterial properties add either 1 tsp of colloidal silver solution or ½ drop of lugol’s iodine solution (put 1 drop in a shot glass with water, then use half the shot)

And finally, to see the technique, go to my blog page for a link that will take you to the youtube video I’ve created showing you how it is done.


Stay tuned next week where we talk about castor oil.

Be Well and Be Zen


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