Episode 3: Home Made Bullet Proof Coffee

Home brewed “Bullet Proof Coffee”


Why spend up to $4.50 on a trendy coffee shop’s coffee? Get yourself an organic dark roast coffee from your supermarket, along with organic butter and coconut oil (1/2 tbsp of each in your drip coffee). Why butter you ask? Organic butter contains:


Vitamins: A, D, E, and K

Trace Minerals: selenium, manganese, zinc, chromium and iodine

Wulzen Factor: prevents joint calcification and stiffness

Arachidonic Acid: prostaglandin precursor inhibiting inflammation

Butyric Acid: anti-fungal, anti-tumor

Glycosphingolipids: GI infection-preventing fats for the old and very young

Cholesterol: which is actually good for you


Organic coconut oil contains:


Mildronate: carnitine blocking factor that prevents lipid peroxidation

Short & Medium Chain Fatty acids: fuel for mitochondria that helps stimulate metabolism and weight loss via ketosis.

Lauric & Myristic acids: anti-viral actions.

Cholesterol: good.

In addition, coconut oil blocks the anti-thyroid effects of unsaturated oils (which is why metabolism increases), and aids in the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone (the precursor of progesterone). Progesterone and pregnenolone have anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-clot, anti-seizure and anti-toxin properties, while also improving memory and myelination of nerve cells.


And…both fats are also heat stable, which means they are safe to cook with. Finally, this home made version on “bullet proof coffee” has a wonderful rich taste and only ends up costing you about 66 cents/ cup all in. Stay tuned for next week’s 2 min health intervention where we’ll talk about Vitamin C optimal dosing.


Be Zen


Alex Audette TCMP., R.Ac., B.Eng.


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This episode covers home made bullet-proof coffee and it’s benefits. Why pay more for a boutique style coffee when the DIY version is just as good and cheap to boot!  I’ll also explain the benefits of the fats in this coffee concoction.

Check out this episode!

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