Episode 2: Insulin & Cortisol


Reduce your daily sugar consumption by half. The reason for this little intervention stems from the effects that sugar has on your endocrine system. When you eat anything with added sugar in it, you will cause your insulin and cortisol levels to elevate. So What!, right? Here is the kicker. Both of these hormones block leptin. Your brain responds to 2 hormones that are associated with feeding and satiety. Ghrelin is the hormone that tells your brain to send a signal out, telling you to eat. Leptin on the other hand, tells your brain to send out the ‘I’m full’ signal. If leptin gets blocked, your brain will think that it is starving and you will continue to eat. Have you ever eaten a bag of ranch-flavored potato chips and noticed that you can’t stop until the bag is gone? That is due to the leptin pathway being blocked by insulin (which comes from your pancreas to lower your blood sugar), and cortisol (which is secreted by your adrenal glands to deal with the increased inflammation that the added sugar has caused). Many of these processed foods are engineered to be both addictive and to impair these pathways, so that you will continue to buy and eat these foods. The easiest thing to do is cut out soft drinks, and/ or chips. Join me next week when we’ll talk about “bullet-proof coffee”.


Be Zen


Alex Audette

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