The Barometer that is the Human Body

Long before there were weather forecasters on TV, people were aware that weather changes were coming based on changes in sensations in their joints and around their body.  Many people tend to suffer from joint pain and headaches/migraines due to barometric changes in pressure associated with inclement weather.  This year, while vacationing in Japan, I noticed this first hand.  Whenever on vacation, I usually take along my Yoga mat for some practice, as in addition to helping overcome jet-lag (Japan is 13 hours ahead of us), it maintains health.  I was rather shocked to discover that my flexibility had temporarily decreased by about 25%.  The reason for this was due to the abrupt climate change due to the travel (Japan is like midsummer right now, with higher humidity and temperature).  Upon returning to Canada, within 12 hours, my flexibility was back.  Although dramatic rapid change like this only occurs with international travel to different time zones, it is worth remembering that pressure change associated with weather is one more reason why we feel it in our bones.

Be Well

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