Tune out, turn off, drop in!

Digital life is like a copy of a copy of a copy. ¬†Most of the real details are either fuzzed out or glossed over in an attempt to make ourselves appear more ideal and praiseworthy. ¬†For those of us dinosaurs born and raised into the time before social media and the internet, our approach to it reflects a healthy sense of scepticism. ¬†However, those who have not known the pre-internet age approach digital life with greater belief in it’s reality and less doubt. ¬†Perhaps the reason why Vampires and Zombies hold such a fascination in fiction these days is due to what they say about us when we are plugged in to the internet. ¬†The internet is a ‘time-vampire’ and we become ‘digital-zombies’ as we use this medium to surf ourselves into oblivion for a variety of reasons. ¬†In terms of our mental health, our digital synapses aren’t helping. ¬†We become more alone, isolated and starved of the real contact we need as a species. ¬†In the 60’s Timothy Leary and the others of the Beat generation lived by the phrase “Tune in, Turn on, Drop out”, and made it a metaphor for non-conformism. ¬†Perhaps if we turned that phrase into: “Tune out, Turn off, Drop in”, we would live more engaged, fulfilling lives away from a screen.

Be Well

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