Saturated Fat, Protein and the Carbohydrates

Saturated Fat was sitting in the cafeteria by himself having lunch one day. A few tables over, Protein was surrounded by a bunch of High Glycemic Carbohydrates who were chatting incessantly at her. “I wonder what went wrong between us” thought Saturated Fat as he gazed at her. “We used to be such close friends until all those air-headed pretty Carbs poisoned her against me” he mused. Just then Low Glycemic Carbohydrate entered the lunchroom and sat down with Saturated Fat. Noticing that Sat Fat looked so glum she remarked “Don’t worry about those silly air-heads. Protein will soon get tired of them and will realize what a mistake she made hanging out with them”. “Do you really think so?” he asked hopefully. “Red clothing with white stripes is so yesterday and stupid looking!” she said. “Besides,” she continued, “When Protein remembers how much fun the three of us had together she will ditch that trash”. Sure enough, Protein’s eyes met Sat Fat’s from across the room and she rolled them. “I guess your right” he said wryly. “Hi-Gly-Carbs are all pretty eye candy, but as shallow as a Hollywood remake” he continued. “Truer words never spoken” smiled Lo-Gly.

Be Well

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