Orthodoxy, Science & Religion

Science was at the library studying about vaccines one day when Orthodoxy sat down beside him and started up a conversation. ‘You know, many people believe what I have to say about most things’, ‘What are you reading about?’ he asked. Science replied, ‘I wanted to know more about fatality rates associated with Measles and Mumps’. ‘Ha!’ Orthodoxy exclaimed, ‘Don’t worry about it. The vaccine makes that question irrelevant!’. Religion was sitting a few chairs away and had overheard the exchange and chimed in ‘I agree with Orthodoxy. Just have faith in the vaccine, everyone else does!’ ‘Sorry guys’, Science said. ‘It’s in my nature to ask questions regardless of any consensus’. Orthodoxy was becoming somewhat peeved at being disregarded. ‘Why make more work for yourself?’ he snapped. ‘Can’t you see your upsetting Orthodoxy?’ Religion responded, ‘Come on, lets go and get something to eat and forget about it, I’m starving!’ he continued. ‘You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up with you in a bit.’ Science replied. The two of them left Science in peace. ‘Thank Galileo I didn’t mention that I was also curious about nutritional status and gut health in conjunction with vaccine administration.’ Science thought to himself.

Be Well

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