The Wits of Vits

Vitamin C was at the bar having a craft beer when B1 and B3 walked over and joined him. ‘You know, you shouldn’t be indulging without us,’ they said. ‘Yeah, I know guys, but I’m just here waiting for my date Milkthistle to show up, then, we are heading out for dinner’, he replied. ‘As long as you call on me and my brother tomorrow and let us know how the date went’, said B1 somewhat forlornly. Having never met Milkthistle, B3 asked: ‘What’s she like?’
‘Well, see for yourself, she’s just walked in.’ said C, pointing at the door.
‘Whoa!’, they both whispered, ‘She’s gorgeous!’. ‘Any chance that she’s got any cute friends that are single?’ they asked hopefully. ‘Ask her yourselves’ C said.
Milkthistle walked over smiling and they all started chatting. Eventually, the subject of single cute friends came up and she smirked as she said ‘As a matter of fact, I do have a couple of friends whom you should meet boys.’ ‘Their names are Zinc and Copper, but they are a package deal, so if you are gonna go out, it’ll have to be a double date’. B3 flushed, somewhat embarrassed and said ‘Having your brother around on a date ain’t the most romantic thing ever you know!’
Acetaldehyde was nursing a drink at the end of the bar and had overheard the conversation up until this point and interjected ‘I went on a date with Zinc last week and during said date, she wouldn’t stop texting her sister Copper the whole time. It was the worst date I’ve ever had!’. Milkthistle replied glibly ‘It’s all about chemistry buddy!’.

Be Well.

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