A Teaspoon of Hope

Despair was making some cookies in the kitchen to serve to the Japanese at a banquet. In walked Destruction, who offered to help with the mixing of the dough. Into the mix he added an earthquake, a tsunami, a nuclear meltdown and aftershocks. Despair continued by adding panic, anger and lies from the authorities. Gradually as they mixed the ingredients together, the dough began to smell revolting just as they had hoped it would. After they finished mixing it, they decided to let it set on the kitchen counter and go for a pint down at their local pub.
As soon as they had left, Compassion broke into their apartment and decided to ruin their plan by adding some cooperation, empathy, generosity and finished off with a teaspoon of hope. Then, Compassion mixed the dough just enough to hide the added ingredients before leaving. After having several pints and laughs at the expense of others, Despair and Destruction returned home and cut up the dough into cookies to bake. Once the oven heated up, they put them in and let them bake. In half an hour or so, they took them out of the oven. “These don’t smell half as bad as I’d hoped they would” Despair remarked to Destruction. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that’s because you probably just overcooked them.” He replied. “I’ll bet they are really nasty in the middle.” He continued. “Yeah, your probably right. Shall we set them on the banquet table?” she asked. Destruction nodded.
When the banquet started, they both looked in through a crack in the door in anticipation of the mayhem they would cause. The cookies did a tremendous amount of damage, causing much suffering and woe at the banquet. Yet, people seemed to be helping each other. Everyone was cooperating, sharing and comforting their neighbor. Strangers were helping other strangers, and although the suffering was palpable, it seemed that hope shined. “Something is wrong!” said Despair. “Did you mistakenly add something positive to the dough?” she asked. “No I didn’t. Maybe you didn’t add enough panic or something.” Destruction retorted. “Perhaps we should eat one to see how it tastes.” Despair mused. They each took a bite from a cookie and immediately collapsed in anaphylactic shock. All it really took was that teaspoon of hope.

Be Well and Happy Easter

Dr. Audette

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