Candida? Indeeda!

Candida Albicans is rapidly becoming a cause célèbre in medicine, due to overuse of antibiotics and overindulgence in sugary, high glycemic convenience foods.  From localized overgrowths like oral and genital thrush, to systemic ones that manifest as multiple symptom complexes, such as brain fog, multiple food and environmental sensitivities, fatigue and skin eruptions.  It can even manifest as intoxication similar to the kind associated with having a few too many “wobbly-pops” (beers).  Once it takes hold, it is capable of growing everywhere in the body and once it does, it is very difficult to eradicate.  Do the teachers at school complain about your child as being a disruptor of the class with the almost monochrome refrain of “perhaps you should look into Ritalin?”  Or does the opposite of inattention and tiredness cause a lack of ability to learn?  With Halloween finally past us, many now have the undesirable task of sifting through all of that candy (and hopefully trashing most of it) much to the chagrin of their kids, in order to limit their exposure to all of those sugars, additives and dyes that are a part of it.  Are you tired of hearing that “You Can with Canesten”?  The reality is that “you might be able to temporarily with Canesten”, but it doesn’t deal with the cause of a yeast infection.

In fact, one of the simplest ways that you can prevent Candida is by keeping your diet on the lower end of the glycemic scale.  What this means is to eliminate most processed foods, soft drinks, cook from scratch and if you are going to eat baked goods, make sure that they aren’t a staple of your diet.  In addition, alternative medicine has a few other things that will help stop candida if it has already taken hold.  Olive leaf extract and oil of oregano work as they are both antifungal.  During a candida infection, vitamin A & B6, magnesium and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) get depleted.  So supplementing with them isn’t a bad idea either.

Normally, candida albicans is one of the body’s normal flora and can always be found in places like the mouth, intestines and vaginal mucus membranes.  Like all of the different floras in the body, its job is to balance out other varieties of bacteria, viruses and yeasts and help to defend us against foreign pathogens as part of our immune system (the great détente of the gut superpowers in a metaphorical sense).  However, imagine what would happen if you were to give crazies like the Tea Party in the US total carte blanche?  You would probably get taxes cut, social services cut and a general collapse of society.  The human immune system is not so different.  Treat it with a balanced approach and it will function the way it needs to, candida and all.

Be Well.

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