fat benefits

Saturated Fat, Protein and the Carbohydrates

Saturated Fat was sitting in the cafeteria by himself having lunch one day. A few tables over, Protein was surrounded by a bunch of High Glycemic Carbohydrates who were chatting incessantly at her. “I wonder what went wrong between us” … Read More

The Real Skinny on Margarine

When I was a kid in grade school I used to love science experiments. I would imagine myself as the mad scientist concocting various chemicals in a foaming beaker and uttering the “mooohahaha!” laugh I’d seen on TV so many … Read More

That’s Nuts!

A few nuts are sitting around the roaster shooting the breeze.  The cashew says to the walnut: “Damn you’re ugly!”  To which the walnut responds: “Go get bent! I’m way more nutritious than you”.  “In fact Chinese medicine has used … Read More

How fat can save your bacon

Creating propaganda has never been the most noble of pursuits, and now it has descended to a level that is beneath my contempt. Recently, a margarine producer (I won’t name names) has begun a campaign targeting one’s heart and how … Read More