Episode 14: Helping Indigestion and Body Odor without Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the metal elements in the periodic table that is both very useful, and damaging to our health if we ingest it. In cases where people suffer from excessive stomach acid, which causes heartburn, many people turn to aluminum containing antacids such as Gaviscon and Maalox for relief. Due to the elevated acid levels, absorption of aluminum into the bloodstream is increased.
Many underarm deodorants also contain aluminum compounds that help with drying sweat. The old adage of “What goes on the skin, goes in” is also true. Trans-dermal patch medications have become more popular due to their ease of use and the recognition that they absorb well. The aluminum in deodorants is no exception.
When aluminum builds up in our system, it tends to concentrate in various tissues, but most noticeably in brain tissue. This can be problematic as its buildup is one of the possible contributing mechanisms for Alzheimer’s disease, due to the aluminum content found in the amaloid plaques that build up in Alzheimer’s patient’s brains. Though correlation is not causation, lowering our exposure to aluminum would be prudent.

That brings us to the interventions. To relieve heartburn, first and foremost, completely chew food (20-30 chews per bite). Increased saliva improves digestion and reduces heartburn for many. In addition, avoid caffeine, alcohol and foods you might be allergic to (wheat and dairy products are usual suspects if consumed in excess). Meal timing is also important. Don’t eat too close to the time you sleep (don’t eat for 3-4 hours before sleeping). Finally, make seaweed a part of your diet. The sodium-aglinate derived from seaweed reacts with stomach acid to form a protective gel-barrier that prevents acid reflux and subsequent heartburn.

For body odor control, in addition to halving your sugar consumption, which is known to worsen odor, use one or 2 drops of the antibacterial/ antifungal tea tree essential oil under your arms instead of deodorant.

Stay tuned next week where we’ll talk about ear wax.

Be Well and Be Zen

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