A balanced approach to cancer treatment

When one thinks of how cancer is treated, the modalities that invariably come to mind are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Although each of these has its place, they are far from a complete and holistic approach to treating cancer. One thing that all cancer cells and tumors have in common is that they use fermentation as their chief energy source. Fermentation relies on carbohydrates, which are consumed and then turned into glucose. Yet how much emphasis is placed on diet in contemporary cancer care. The primary cause of cancer is low oxygen levels in tissues of the body. When oxygen levels get too low, normal cells revert to fermentation (as opposed to respiration) in order to survive. This is how a cancer cell is born. Some secondary causes of cancer are carcinogen exposure, radiation, smoking and poor diet. Therapies that bolster the body’s immune system and increase tissue oxygen levels are just as important as the above mentioned ones that kill off cancer cells. Therapies such as acupuncture, nutrition, supplements and IV Vitamin C have the virtue of being gentle, sustaining and increasing the quality of life. There is no such thing as a one sided coin. Perhaps it is time for orthodox medicine to reconcile itself to this simple truth and wage the “war against cancer” in a little more of a balanced fashion.

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